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​It’s happened before. You had a busy week and it’s finally the weekend.

You’re ready to kick back and relax, when out of nowhere you get a call from an old friend. Good news!

She’s in town this weekend. And wouldn’t you know it, she wants to come over for dinner.

Of course you can’t say no. But between work, the kids, dinners, and everything else in between, the house looks like a disaster.

​What’s a good host to do? How can you clean this mess in time?

We provide service to Virginia Beach, Chesapeake VA and Norfolk VA.

The First Step
Certainly hiring a cleaning team would be ideal. But the likelihood of finding someone willing to come to your home at the last minute is pretty slim. Besides, you’re on a budget. You already spent your money on the meal for the evening. It’s time to put in some sweat equity.
If a cleaning crew were coming by, the first thing you would need to do is get rid of the clutter. This is the easiest place to begin. Pick one room in your home, and begin sorting similar items into piles. Got books everywhere? Get those on the shelf. Clothes on the floor? Throw them into the laundry pile, and don’t even bother with the sniff test. Keep this part easy on yourself. Your primary goal now is getting things out of the way. You may run into some messes that need more time to be organized. If that’s the case, fill up a bin with the items that need to be sorted and remind yourself to go through it later. Work fast. Right now your motto is “out of sight, out of mind.”
What Comes Next
Now that you’ve tackled the clutter, it’s time to make things sparkle. Grab a rag or a paper towel, spritz it with your favorite cleaner, and start wiping down the surfaces in your home. Just like you did before, start in one room and work your way around the house. Don’t spend too much time on stains that can’t be removed immediately. Right now you want to disinfect and make the surfaces sparkle and smell fresh.

Don’t Sweat Everything
Guests won’t be seeing places like your bedroom, and they won’t care what the kid’s toy room looks like. Skip those parts of your house, and focus your attention on the public spaces. The kitchen, the living room, and the guest bathroom all need to be in good shape. But your study? Or your master bathroom? Save it for another day!
Final Touches
The devil is in the details, and in this case, the tiny details could be the difference between a welcoming home and an embarrassing mess. Take ten extra minutes to gather up all the trash and take it outside. Then spray a little air freshener. Scent can make a big impact on how cleanliness is perceived. And don’t forget areas like the mudroom! Straightening out that pile of shoes can create a much more welcoming entrance into your home.
It’s Your House
Remember that every home will have it’s own little quirks. You may have a coat closet that needs straightening up or a dog bed that needs the hair removed. Your home will have it’s own personalized messes that need a little attention. It’s all about presentation when inviting last minute guests over. Keep our tips in mind, and have a wonderful dinner party!
If you don’t feel like doing it yourself, give us a call and we’ll take care of everything for you.