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Every morning the office looks pristine.

The commercial cleaning crew you hired to keep the space looking fresh does a great job. But by the end of the day, it’s almost as if the cleaning service was never there.

Messy desks, untidy waiting rooms, and cluttered staff kitchens can really set a bad tone for your office.

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Also, below are some tips that will help keep your commercial space looking ship-shape if you prefer to take on the cleaning yourself.

Expand the Receptionist Duties
The receptionist isn’t the maid, and neither is the office manager. But it might be worth having a discussion with one or both of them to see what can be done about keeping public spaces in your office guest ready. Perhaps the receptionist would be willing to wipe down the tables in the waiting room twice a day. Maybe the office manager is open to creating a better dish-washing system in the kitchen. Show these employees that you are willing to hear their thoughts on the matter. Their help keeping office areas clean could be invaluable. And a clean reception area leaves a great impression on guests who come to your commercial space.
If visitors don’t visit the office often, the receptionist may welcome the opportunity to stay busy during the workday. Discuss the possibility of giving kitchen cleaning duties to this employee. Things like a messy fridge or a full dishwasher may be ignored for days if no one is assigned to take care of it. Ask your receptionist if expanding their duties is right for them and the flow of your office.
Desk Cleaning Party
A mandatory cleaning day is something employees often dread. But with a little creativity, you can find ways to keep it interesting. If your office is normally pretty quiet, your employees might appreciate listening to some upbeat music while taking care of the mess. Maybe providing snacks or even some adult beverages would motivate them to clean their desks. Perhaps a weekly prize system for the person with the tidiest work space will motivate employees to keep things organized. Be open to their suggestions, and pretty soon you’ll have an office that’s much more presentable and easy on the eyes.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy
People are generally willing to clean up after themselves, but sometimes the lack of motivation comes from not wanting to hunt down the proper cleaning supplies. Start keeping things like bleach wipes, carpet sweepers, dustpans, and hand brooms supplied in multiple locations around the office. Ensure that they are well stocked and clearly labeled. Let everyone know where the equipment can be found. Employees will be much less likely to ignore a simple mess if they know exactly how they can take care of it. With basic cleaning supplies readily available, crumbs in the carpet or coffee on the counter could become a thing of the past.
Keeping an office clean takes plenty of teamwork, but with positive attitudes and great company culture, anyone can be motivated to keep things clean. The day-to-day is different for every office. Use your creativity to discover what works best for you and your commercial space. We hope these tips will help keep your office in tip-top shape!