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Keeping up with the house cleaning can be a challenge.
Life often finds a way to interrupt your regularly scheduled tidying.

Now you’ve decided you want to hire the services of a professional.
That’s great!

But now you’ve got a new set of problems on your hands. Which type of service should you enlist the help of?

What does your home need?

Here’s a quick look at the types of cleaning services you can choose from – and when you should choose them.

Basic Clean
This is probably what you think of when you think of hiring someone to clean your house. A basic clean will keep your home looking and feeling tidy. Expect things like the counter tops and other surfaces to get wiped down, the floor to get mopped, and maybe even the dishes washed!

This is the kind of clean you might want to get on a weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly basis. It keeps your house feeling fresh, and gives you peace of mind. If your home is generally clutter-free, and has no areas that need special attention, the basic clean is perfect for you.
Deep Clean
A deep clean does all the work of a basic clean plus a little extra. This service is for the household that has a giant project to tackle that’s simply too big to handle on your own. Perhaps your stovetop needs a good scrubbing, or the underside of your couch has been collecting junk for way too long.

These are the types of projects a deep cleaning service will be able to successfully tackle. Discuss your specific project with the company that you are hiring. They will be able to provide details regarding what services they offer and what they are comfortable handling.

Clutter Clean
So maybe you have a lot of stuff. Who doesn’t? You may find that it’s tough for you to get it all out of the way when the cleaning service arrives. That’s okay! Many companies offer a clutter cleaning option. This means your things will either be put away where they belong or a place will be created for your stuff. Get ready to get organized! Often this type of cleaning service includes a basic clean as well, once the clutter has been taken care of. If you’re worried that you have too much stuff for the cleaning company to handle, don’t be afraid to ask them. Many companies are unafraid to tackle messes that have gotten out of control. Discuss your situation with the cleaning crew you hope to work with to find out what they are able to tackle.
Getting rid of messes once and for all can be quite liberating. So pat yourself on the back for taking the first step! Whatever type of clean you choose, always discuss your needs with the company you are hiring. Be honest with your expectations, and they will be able to offer you exactly the service you had in mind. Good luck – and happy cleaning!

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