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Looking to have your home or office cleaned? Possibly hire a maid service to do your chores for you?

We are the professional cleaning company that you’ve been looking for. We handle one time, monthly, recurring and move-out cleanouts while working with residential as well as commercial clients.

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality service and our service areas are Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth.

Our amazing team of hard working cleaners is almost allergic to dirty residences, kitchens and bathrooms therefore is highly motivated to clean ’em till they shine! It doesn’t matter if the surface is plastic or chrome.

Our staff move with a purpose! No time to chat and play around. If you or someone you know needs some serious scrubbing done, give us a call at (757) 364-0977 for a free consultation or press the call button below.

Setting High Expectations

​Each time our awesome staff come through and scrub your residence to perfection, they won’t leave until it is clean and spotless, up to your satisfaction and smelling like spring flowers (unless of course you’re allergic to the scent, in which case we can find another one). People we employ love cleaning homes and are proud to be called maids! All services they perform are brought to our customer with love, care and passion.

​The outcome is unmatched each time because it comes from the heart, is done with care and aimed at absolute satisfaction.

​Some competitors say that we don’t play by the rules, meaning we provide outstanding maid service which nobody in VA Beach can match and we charge so little that it’s a no brainer for the customer to choose us over Custom Maid or Maid Pro Virginia Beach. So why would we charge just enough to get by and grow our company so slowly? Honestly, it’s because we care! It makes us feel fabulous to give back and support the community with our actions. (757) 364-0977.

​What can we say in our defense? No need to speak at all. Our maids are the best in all of Virginia and they prove it day in and day out. When it comes to cleaning residences, apartment buildings or any other properties, we sure are the number one choice. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. We are proud to be the best maid service in the area! If your residence needs a good scrubbing, simply call us at (757) 364-0977 or fill out one of our free quote forms throughout the website.


​What is passion? Our professionals see it as the motivation to keep going and not caring about the fences and walls that they encounter on the way to success. It might seem simple, however, we have come to find out that simple isn’t the correct word we would describe it with.

As a skilled pro, you might come across things like tough stains, discoloration, crack in wooden surfaces, spills and so many more that it would hurt to keep going. Our staff encounter the above on daily basis, and to most of you reading, it might sound like a joke. But some stains just don’t come out, regardless of what type of chemical you’re using and in which quantities.

We’ve performed a job the other day where the dresser had a crack because of all the moisture it was exposed to over the year. It was sad to see that a piece so beautiful would have to get thrown out the door simply because of lack of care. The only issue you will ever have with us is the overwhelming amount of care we have for your residence.

​It has slowly became or motto in a way. Our staff cleans, polished and scrubs until perfection and will not take failure for an answer. Spending a few extra minutes isn’t a problem for us, the real issue would be if our staff were to leave the property without you, the owner being completely satisfied.

​​Ever hired a company to clean your residence and all the workers did was take breaks and chit-chat as if your time was of no value to them.

We’re sure you have and are is here to show you the difference. No messing around, no playing games just cleaning your property and doing it to the best of our ability!

Best Customer Service in the Hampton Roads

​The above statement is absolutely true! If you’re in a search for the BEST, in then you should give us a call today!

It’s almost impossible to try and find a company with such amazing quality of work and detail orientation. All others around town like Custom Maid and Maid Pro have been blinded by their positioning and decided to hang back, and so did their customer service levels.

They used to be all about the best practices, but now that they have grown, it just isn’t that simple to stay customer oriented.

​ Call us at (757) 364-0977 if you are looking for personal experience.

Affordable Pricing

​As a local owned company we have never been greedy. From day one and till now we’ve never been setting our prices too high which eventually brought us to the top. The price is always right with us! Contact us and find out for yourself.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (757) 364-0977 or fill out our free quote form and one of our awesome staff members will be reaching out to you shortly. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!

​​Not only are we simple to work with, but also extremely reliable and professional. In our line of business, it’s not that easy to find an honest company to allow into your home. Many businesses blindly employ people who end up stealing and bring disgrace and shame upon the company!

​We prefer to take time and get to know the soon to be hired folks during the 30 day probational period. Our hiring process is no joke and will never be taken as such, even in the time of need. We promote a home like environment and do not tolerate any kind of harassment! We aren’t just a group of random people, we are a team!


It’s are a great resource for homeowners and renters alike. You never know when you might need to have your property cleaned-up. There are a variety of services available on any given day for any number of reasons. Basically stated, if it can get dirty, rest assured, someone can be hired to clean it!

The most common one that might come to mind is scheduled which is when we come to you daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (or whatever other time frame you provide) and perform all housekeeping tasks that are required to keep your residence in tip top shape. If you give them specific requests like folding laundry or emptying a dishwasher, they will often add those in, for an additional fee. They are a good go-to when you have a home inspection to a rental, where they can come in and give your residence a good spot check for when your Landlord comes in for their walk through. Another excellent use, is when you have a place you’re trying to sell. It has to look it’s best, in order to be appreciated.

Perhaps you have a ‘showing’ or an ‘Open House’ and you need the house to be tidy for the guests stopping by. Hiring a pro to come in and prepare for its showing may be a good idea, especially if you are in a ‘home flipping’ situation and it’s not your primary residence.

​What about the exterior? As a homeowner, usually once or twice a year, you will find that your property will need to be power washed, to remove all the dirt and mildew that builds up on the exterior walls.

There are businesses that specialize in various types of power washing and can come out to give you an estimate on what a service like that would cost, based on the solvents needed to be used and the size of your home. Some neighborhood associations will come out and require the homeowners to do mandatory exterior power washing of their properties, or else face fines from the association. They can range from the siding, to a fence, or even power washing the driveway to give it a facelift. If you have ever done this task on your own, you know how time consuming this process can be.

​Furthermore, if you do not have a professional grade power washer, it can take twice as long to perform the task, if you need to do a double pass over. If you don’t have the time to do this, perhaps hiring a company to come in with professional grade power washers and solvents would be well worth the money. As a renter, hiring someone to come out to the property and do this for you is recommended, similarly to reasons stated with professional carpet cleaners. When it is done by someone who does this for a living, landlords tend to feel better about the quality of the task that was performed and paid for. 

Another popular service, if it applies to your residence, is that of chimney sweeping. If you have a working fireplace, clearing it out once a year is a good idea to remove the soot that builds up, to minimize your risk for a fire. These companies will come to you with all the proper tools and climb on top of the roof, with safety being their main concern, and clear it out without causing any problems on the inside.

Many clients are concerned with having this done, as it has the potential to send soot back into the rooms, as the bristles clean the sidewalls on the inside. Sadly, there are not many ways around this process but if you hire a reputable company, most will do their best to minimize the amount of dust that accumulates as they do the job, such as laying tarps down on the floors, to catch most particles that fly out.

Prior to hiring, make sure you find only licensed and bonded pros who will do their best work, can offer references, and will treat your property as their own. When they truly care about the quality of their work, it will reflect in the outcome of the service provided, and THAT makes happy customers.


Businesses have so many reasons to hire a professional. A business may have a variety of concerns that must be met when hiring the right company for the job. It is not always about cleanliness, but sometimes, it might be more about stricter conditions, like health and safety.

Whether the business is large or small, there is usually a budget that includes housekeeping to keep the spaces looking sharp.

For example, if the request comes from a child care facility, then it might be requested that toys, jungle gyms and activity centers be wiped down to keep germs and illnesses at bay. Daycare facilities can encounter any number of children on any given day. So, if someone comes in and brings an infectious disease into the facility with them, additional precautions may need to be taken into consideration to eliminate or at least attempt to rid the building of as much of the germs that they are aware of as possible.

If a karate studio has many students coming in to their facility, maintaining the mats that all the students spend their class on, often in their bare feet, will require a level of cleanliness, as well, and for the same reasons as a daycare they may also have a professional service come in to disinfect the business and protect their customers.

If the request is from a hospital, similarly, the company may need to take other safety precautions into consideration. For example, when taking care of HAZMAT related situations or disposing of debris that requires attention to health and safety, proper training and certifications may need to be on record, in order to secure the job.

Dealing with and working around bloodborne diseases and having to clean-up garbage that could potentially have syringes in it requires a certain degree of knowledge and know-how to properly dispose of the items from a facility, without hurting themselves and others.

Another great service that we provide and is often seen being performed in hospitals is the buffing of floors. The shine that is found on the tiles of a hospital floor is not only for looks that make them appear clean and inviting, but the buffer cleans dirt and germs in crevices between the tiles.  

Some businesses do not hire pros to clean their facilities but rather resort to a rotational duty for them to take turns in cleaning the bathrooms, often used by patrons. Ensuring that there are paper towels in the dispenser, toilet paper is plentiful and the floors do not have trash strewn about is typically all that most would do.

Some companies may feel that when you pull employees in to clean the bathrooms, you are otherwise losing productivity in the job that the employee was hired to do. When a business makes the decision to hire a professional service to come in, those same bathrooms will now see additional things done to keep the spaces much cleaner.

Mopping floors, wiping down counters and scrubbing toilets are things included as a part of the services that are offered by a professional business.  In a professional business office, it is not uncommon to find that they have hired a contractor to come through the work spaces once or twice a week to empty trash, vacuum spaces and wipe down the bathrooms.

Another great and very popular one is dry cleaning. Many of us do not think about using this it unless we have a big event to get ready for and need a suit, shirt or dress to be steamed before the day arrives. Within a short amount of time, we get our clothing back in pristine condition – starched and ready to wear.

We could do a task like this on our own, in many cases, but there isn’t much like a freshly starched shirt or perfectly cleaned outfit that makes you feel ‘sharp.’ Sometimes doing this isn’t always for looks. Maybe you have an outfit that you have tried to remove a stain from with several washes, but sadly, it will not come out. By taking it to a pro, they can get the stain out, using a processes and industrial strength products to remove it for you.

When a business uses this as a regular benefit offered to their employees, sometimes a dry cleaner will offer a discount on bulk orders.

About The Industry

​At first thought it might seem like a small industry and you might even think of it as a very mundane job to have, where it’s not widely used and popular. But when you really think about all the ways it can be beneficial to us, you start to get a bigger picture of an industry that is continuing to grow bigger and bigger every day, and it is hardly going to ‘fall away’ any time soon. We have them for so many facets of our lives – our homes, businesses, cars, clothes, pets and just about every other corner of our lives. If it can get dirty, rest assured, someone can be hired to clean it!
Let’s begin with our the inside of our homes. The most common one that might come to mind is a maid service or cleaning company to come in daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly (or whatever other timeframe you give them) and they will perform the housekeeping tasks that are required to keep a home in tip top order.

They will typically clean bathrooms, dust, mop floors and vacuum your house, leaving it smelling fresh and clean when you return.

Sometimes, we need help with other things that are just as important to us as where we live. Think about your car. Some of us almost ‘live’ in our cars.

We drive our vehicles all the time and everywhere. Sure, there are car washing stations at many gas stations, but if you want to really give your car a top to bottom, having it professionally detailed is an even better and smarter way to protect your investment. Detailers will clean not just the exterior of the vehicle, but also the inside, often thoroughly. Vacuuming, wiping down the leather of the dashboard and scrubbing hard to reach crevices of the vehicle would be target areas for someone who is skilled.

​And what about our beloved pets? Nothing lets them know you love them like a bath. Some animals LOVE the water, while others, well… not so much. If you hire a professional cleaning service to groom your pet for you, you are saving yourself the cleanup in your bathroom or washroom, the time it takes to wash, dry and brush out your four-legged friend, and the stress they may feel with you performing this task. If you hire a professional to do this for you, they have the facility and the tools needed to get the job done in as quickly of a turnaround as possible, so you furry friends can head home to be with you.
Some folks may not be able to afford the expenses outlined or be able to justify spending the money for some of these services and will resort to doing it on their own, and that is great. But if time is of the essence or it is simply ‘too big of a job’ for you to handle by yourself, professionals are happy to assist you and are genuinely grateful for your business.

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